De-Mystifying Psychosis And De-Stigmatizing Its Medicines

About 1 of every 11 people will experience psychosis at some point in their lives. Every other medical condition seems fair game for public discussion, yet we hardly ever discuss psychosis out in the open. That’s why I call psychosis the most common illness we never talk about.

In an effort to de-mystify psychosis and to de-stigmatize the medicines used to treat it, I’ve created an information brochure that helps explain how psychosis happens and how the medicines for psychosis work.

I hope you’ll find the brochure useful and I would very much appreciate your feedback about it.

You can download a free, printable PDF of this brochure in the exclusive content section.

What Causes Psychosis? How Do Antipsychotic Medications Work?

A free printable PDF of this image can be downloaded in the Exclusive Content section.


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  1. Jackie on October 8, 2019 at 2:17 am

    Thank you for all you are doing to normalize this illness. We live in a small community and rely on outside information to guide decisions regarding my daughter’s journey with schizophrenia. It’s an incredibly lonely time for her. Hopefully, with all of your work, that will change.

    • Erik Messamore, MD, PhD on October 9, 2019 at 2:12 pm

      Thanks for your feedback.
      You might be interested in
      More specifically, your daughter’s doctor might be interested in it.
      Every week, I host an online education/consultation group where doctors or other professionals can ask questions about the care of their patients. There is no charge for this service.

      I also lead the NEOMED Clozapine Assistance Service where we train clinicians how to use this unique medication.

      And to help with the feelings of loneliness and isolation (which are very common), your daughter might be interested in learning about social networks and/or online communities that support people with schizophrenia. There are many.